Become More Productive With iStratus

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Becoming more productive is high on the list of New Year’s resolutions. Even when it isn’t spelled out as such it runs through many other resolutions.  When someone wants to read more, be more organized or live life to the fullest, they will need to be more productive to achieve these goals.

But becoming more productive can seem daunting.  What steps can you take today to achieve that goal?  How can you work towards a more productive tomorrow?  

We love the iStratus family of apps because it allows us to be more productive every day.  It gives us the ability to manage our time, organize our documents and add minutes to everyday.

Three ways iStatus can help you become more productive

Create rituals -

The most successful business owners have rituals they live by.  One of our favorites is Michael Hyatt’s habit of setting  “daily big three” goals.  He suggests writing these goals in the morning and reviewing them at the end of the day.  We suggest you use our iStratus Dayplanner to write keep track of these goals.  Having them on your phone or iPad allows you to review them wherever you are and compare them to your calendar.  Will you have enough time to achieve these goals?  What is on your schedule that will hinder your goal?  What is on your calendar that will help you achieve it?  Having these big goals in writing will help you to stay on task, not allowing interruptions that will distract from those goals throughout the day.  Reviewing them at the end of each day will help you  to see how you are going and even help you in setting your future goals. By reviewing the goals you can find the patterns you have set up for yourself.  Are your goals too easy?  Are you expecting too much of your day without planning it out?

Identify habits that are slowing you down -

Yesterday, we heard from a local business owner who shared a habit he needs to break.  He writes notes to himself on any piece of paper that is close at hand.  Then he leaves them sitting on his dresser at the end of the day until finally he has a stack that is too overwhelming to tackle and he tosses the entire pile.  Do you have a habit like this?  What can you do to change it?  With iStratus that should never be a problem.  Using the task manager allows you to add to and organize your tasks from day to day.

Stop wasting time -

While many “how to succeed” books will suggest using every minute of your day, we believe that there should moments that are seemingly wasteful.  It is in the moments of rest that our best ideas come to us. But where is the real waste in your life?  How many hours do you spending looking for that email you are sure you received, trying to remember your password or trying to locate a document you absolutely have to have before the end of the day? What habits can you put in place to help you stop wasting these precious minutes?   Our family of apps not only offers document encryption with a filing system that allows you to keep your important documents on hand at all time.  Our customers love that they can have their children’s immunization records, copies of their passports and birth certificates and even important contracts right on their phone. Our password vault is the  perfect tool for managing your passwords and avoiding all the wasted time of resetting your passwords for online accounts.  In a busy life, every minute counts.  If you can avoid being distracted by lost passwords, emails or documents you can add minutes to every day.

The iStratus app was developed by and for busy people.  It was developed as a means of simplifying our lives. We believe it is the best productivity tool on the market.  Let us know how you use iStratus to become more productive.

Phil Matrone