Juggling Your Summer Schedule

Summer means long days by the pool, kids running in and out of the house asking for drinks and popsicles, and of course, an altered schedule.  Although the school year can be hectic with class and after school activities, there is a certain rhythm to it. You know what you are doing each day and may be able to do it without ever glancing at a schedule.

But for parents, the summer schedule can be a challenge.  Who is doing what camp? What about play dates? How about summer tutoring?  And maybe hardest of all, how do you keep them from getting bored within the first two weeks at home?

Tips for maintaining your sanity this summer.


  1. Use Your Dayplanner - During the school year, you have your schedule down.  It has become a routine. Not only do you know who has practice Wednesday night and where, in most cases so do your kids.  But with your regular schedule coming to an end, it is easy to mix up your scheduled events during the summer. Using your planner and sharing it with your kids can make everybody’s life easier.

  2. Use your timers - Setting timers is a great way to keep the whole family in sync.  First because they are good reminders of the schedule you are trying to maintain. But second because a timer cannot be argued with.  If you have told the kids that you have two hours at the pool, when the timer goes off that’s your hardstop. It’s time to go. This is a technique that works well year round.  You can have timers for time to get your shoes on, time to get your backpack and time to walk out the door. These times are a great way to teach kids responsibility and time management.

  3. Schedule your fun - Schedule your library days, your pool days and your park days.  Invite friends based on this schedule and help your kids see a routine that they have to look forward to.  Add in the local free concerts and discount movie mornings now so you don’t miss them all summer long. Scheduling your fun will ensure you don’t miss out on activities you have heard about.  It will also help you avoid those dreaded days of boredom that set in so quickly every summer.

  4. Schedule your downtime - Everybody needs downtime.  Whether you have a young child who is still napping or a preteen who is not getting enough sleep, downtimes is a great opportunity to encourage alone time.  Whether they spend it reading, watching their favorite YouTuber or taking a nap, this gives you time to yourself as well.

  5. Schedule your exercise time - One of the hardest parts for a parent in the summer is finding time to exercise.  Schedule it now. Planning your time may mean taking all the kids to the local track and letting them play on center field while you run or putting them on their bikes so you can run or walk beside them.  Or better yet, setting them up with day care at the gym so you have time to workout and socialize a little as well. Parents need their play time too.

  6. Schedule date nights now - Think about it, all the college students are home for the summer and they are all looking to make extra money.  Snag your babysitter early and schedule your date nights all summer long. You may never have a better time than now to spend time with your significant other.

At iStratus time management isn’t just about being productive.  It’s about creating the life you want. The summer should be fun.  It shouldn’t mean more stress. We believe your DayPlanner can help with that.

Phil Matrone