What's In Your DropBox? Important Documents You Should Always Have

Life is nothing if not an adventure.  Sometimes our adventures are planned and sometimes they are not.  But that doesn’t mean we have to be caught out.  By planning for the worst now, we can save ourselves and our loved ones from headaches and heartaches in the future.  

One way we can do this is to gather our most important documents and store them in a fireproof lock box.  Having all of these items in one place can help you or your loved one if disaster strikes.  

Eleven documents for your lock box:

  1. List of insurance policies and contact information

  2. List of bank accounts and contact information

  3. List of debt obligations, due dates, and contact information

  4. Our family’s passports

  5. List of doctors and contact information

  6. List of medications, prescription numbers, and contact information of all pharmacies that you use

  7. Copy of durable power of attorney, living wills, and healthcare proxies – Yours and all those of which we are attorney-in-fact or healthcare surrogate

  8. Copy of each of our wills and all those of which we are the executor

  9. Safety deposit box keys

  10. List of investment, retirement, and bank accounts, with all contact information

  11. Our original Social Security card.

But what happens when the emergency happens when we are far away from home?  How will you access those documents?

This is one of the many reasons we created the iStratus Dayplanner app. With our app you can securely store copies of these very same documents on your iPad or iPhone, as well as your Dropbox.  Using the encryption key create will allow you to encrypt these documents in a way that can only be opened by you or the person you share that key with.  We suggest sharing it with the your significant other, a grown child or even your parents.  This will allow them to access the much needed documents in case you are incapacitated.

Is this list complete for your family?  Is there something you believe is missing?  Share with us so that we can share with our customers and readers.

Phil Matrone