We Love Objections


While praise of our app is always welcome, we love objections. As developers, objections help us make our product better.  When we are out and about, talking to our customers, we ask for the objections first. 

Because our apps are so dynamic and truly encompass what it used to take many apps to accomplish we often find that we have the answer to the objections already at hand. 

I don't want to have to transfer all my calendar and contact data.

With our app, you don't have too.  Because our app works with the calendar and contacts that are already in your phone, we have you covered.  You simply download the app, sign in and everything is automatically there for you.  When you use our calendar it populates the calendar you were previously using.

So why bother with a new calendar?

Because the iStratus app takes your calendar where no calendar has gone before.  With the iStratus DayPlanner you can add checklists, PDF's, photos, tags. notes and more.  Instead of having to carry files into your next meeting you can bring everything with you right inside your device.

What about security?  Do I really want important documents on my IOS device?

By storing your documents on Dropbox and using our encryption tool, your documents are completely safe.  Again, our goal was to create an all inclusive planning and organizing tool that was completely secure.  That's what makes iStratus stand out.

What about organizing all that data?

iStratus allows you to store your data, customize it and personalize it through your iStratus app or using Dropbox on your desktop or laptop.

What if I lose my phone?

That's the beauty of our teaming up with Dropbox.  Because everything you store on your iStratus app is stored in your Dropbox, only you have access to it. So, if you lose your phone, it's there for you on your desktop or laptop and can be restored to your new device when you replace the old one.  Because it's encrypted you don't have to worry about the person finding your phone walking away with your information.

What objections do you have to trying iStratus?  How can we help make the transition easier?


Phil Matrone