Six Ways Your Calendar Can Help You Be Healthier, Happier and More Fulfilled

Sure, your DayPlanner can help you stay on schedule, stop missing appointments and feel more organized.  But, what if your DayPlanner was even more powerful than that? What if your DayPlanner could help you be healthier, happier and more fulfilled?  

When used mindfully, that is exactly what your DayPlanner can do. By setting your priorities and mindfully scheduling your week, you can live a healthier, happier and more fulfilling life.

Weekly Menu -

Planning your meals will help you stay on track nutritionally.  By planning for your meals, you have the opportunity to shop for exactly what you need for the week and even prepare some of the meals ahead of time.  This will not only save you time, freeing up time to spend having fun with friends and family, it will also help you eat more mindfully. When we stop giving thought to how we fuel our bodies we are more likely to eat poorly.  Not only is this bad for us in the long run, in the short-term it can cause us to be more lethargic and less productive on a daily basis.

Morning Ritual -

What is your morning ritual?  Do you wake up, brush your teeth and wander through your morning until you finally feel awake enough to get going?  Or do you wake up and rush through your morning to avoid being late for work? What if instead, you were mindful about your morning ritual?  Consider starting your morning in a way that will be most productive for your day. Whether this means adding time for meditation, bible study, or goal setting, scheduling time at the beginning of each day to gather your thoughts and calmly start your day, can set you up for success throughout your day. But we suggest taking it a step farther.  Consider adding your morning ritual to your calendar. Block it out so you don’t let other activities encroach on this time.

Exercise -

Adding your exercise of choice to your calendar helps to make exercise a priority.  But even better, by scheduling your exercise you may be able to include a friend or colleague in your workout combining exercise with some much needed social time.

Do Not Disturb Time -

The world is full of distractions.  Whether it is meetings that take you away from your desk, a few minutes to look at your inbox or a glance at a text that just came over, these distractions ultimately mean more hours spent working.  If we can create solid blocks of dedicated work time at the beginning and end of each week, we can avoid the distractions that take away from our free time in the end.

Giving Back -

Most people love the idea of helping others.  They want to be able to help at the local food bank, work on a Christmas in April Project or even start their own charity. Most people know that by giving back, they will feel more fulfilled. But few people find the time to do it. Using your calendar, you can be mindful about that time.  Pick a cause that is important to you. Find out where and when they need help and add it to your calendar. Adding it to your DayPlanner makes it a priority.

Social TIme -

How often have your found your week spilling over into your weekend?  For most people this is a common occurrence. But what if you put family and friends right into your calendar.  What if you schedule your time on the weekend mindfully. Planning ahead of time for your social time, can not only help you make it a priority but it can help you be happier and more fulfilled going into the next week.

Being regimented doesn’t have to mean filling every second of your week with productive activity.  But being mindfully regimented can mean building in activities that make you happier, healthier and more fulfilled on a regular basis.

What is not on your calendar right now but should be? How can you plan your week more mindfully?

Phil Matrone