Why You Should Use Encryption

Hardly a day goes by without a story in the news about identity theft or information being compromised.  Some days it seems as though there is nothing you can do to keep your information private.  

But we challenge you to think through your last few days.  Have you used your phone to take a photo of your ID to send to your spouse for insurance purposes?  Have you texted your credit card information to your child so they can buy something online?  Have you taken photos of your passport just in case you lost it while on vacation?

These tasks and ones like it happen everyday.  Phones make life easy.  But your phone might also make you prone to identity theft. 

It was this very thought that got our team thinking about phone security and how to help people feel more secure online.

iStratus Security

While many people use our security app to help them remember their passwords, there is an element of the app that is just as important and often overlooked.  


With our security app you can encrypt a file and save it or send it safely with just the touch of a button.  Our app uses military grade encryption and leaves the power in your hand by making sure you are the only one with the encryption key.  

What Will You Encrypt?

We love hearing back from our customers.  We hear of all sorts of real life scenarios in which they use the app in their daily lives.

One family uses it to store the medical records of their mother who had a stroke in early 2017.  Because they have a big family a different sibling takes her to her doctor's appointment each week.  They have used the app to store her medical records and any notes from the appointment.  They then encrypt it and save it to the cloud.  Because they are using their mother's phone she always has these documents on her and each child can access it when needed. 

We heard from a soccer mom who said she loves the app because she stores copies of all of her children's birth certificates and preseason exams on it because she felt like she was always forgetting it on the day of tryouts.

We heard from a traveling salesperson who said she keeps copies of all of her credit cards, important ID's and customer contracts on her phones because it is so easy to get caught without them.  

Thieves Can Hijack Your Life

While many people use their phones for scenarios just like these, few people are encrypting their data.  But what happens if you don't?

Remember the nightmare of losing your wallet?  The hours spent trying to get new credit cards and ids?  Having your identity stolen is ten times worse than that.  An identity thief can completely hijack your life.  They can empty your accounts and ruin your credit.  We even heard from one man who had all of his photos stolen and ransomed. His phone had priceless photos of his daughter's wedding, graduation photos from all of his children, basically every important event that had happened in the past five years.  Using our app can prevent this.

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